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Get a clear, accessible job site with cleared land

Don't let your next project get bogged down by brush, trees, or water that can damage equipment or slow down work. Let the professional team at Chris Vaught Construction LLC get you a clean, clear, and convenient place for you to work and store equipment. And you'll get fast, efficient service thanks to 25 years of industry experience.


Plus, with available excavation services, you can move seamlessly between projects!

Ensure that your job site is ready for work

Whether you need basic land clearing or grading and excavation, you need to know that your job site will be ready to accommodate your specific project. Chris Vaught Construction LLC will get you a construction-ready site quickly and efficiently!

Enjoy a hazard-free work site:

• Tree removal

• Brush removal

• Pond drainage

• Grading and levelling

Excavation services

• Clearing fences

Get the great service you deserve from our team

You don't have to settle for run-of-the-mill service from your land clearing team. Chris Vaught Construction LLC of Aurora is locally-owned and family-operated so that you get the peace of mind and top-tier service you expect and deserve on your next project.

Excavation Tree clearing Tree clearing Tree clearing